The missing link

For years, science told us that to lose weight, you must perform hours and hours of boring cardiovascular exercise. Fast-forward to the second decade of the new millennium, and we now know that the best way to get lean is to perform Metabolic Reboot (H.I.I.T.) with a combination of resistance, or strength, training. Introducing Lift – our group resistance training sessions, the perfect turbo-charger to sit on top of that metabolic engine you’re creating with your Metabolic Reboot sessions.

So, if you’re someone who wants to get stronger, more muscular, learn better technique and generally be more awesome, add an extra session Lift session (or two) to your weekly training regimen.

Lift is supervised small group strength/resistance session that is part of our Metabolic Reboot membership. It is the perfect ad-on to your HIIT training. Lift is great for those who what to get strong, lean and more mobile.
The session structure is always different, but the main equipment and exercises we use are barbells and dumbells. We also might use kettle-bells, dumbbells, torsonators, suspension training, and bodyweight exercises but it all depends on the session for that day, which is always different.
No it’s not really like Crossfit, there is no competitive side to Lift – however, some Crossfit boxes (gyms) also run similar session structures to Lift.
Participants of Lift can wear their Myzone heart rate monitor (a comfortable chest band that transmits your heart rate). While we won’t base the class off the intervals we will watch your heart rate for recovery purposes. And it’s always good to log any active/training you do, so that we can call on it when prescribing you a program or giving you dietary advice.
If you can do basic exercises, you can do Lift. The small group (maximum of 8) ensures that the level of workout intensity will be perfectly tailored to your current level of physical conditioning.
The science is now conclusive – and has been for some time – the best way to loose fat is to perform HIIT workouts coupled with strength training. Without getting too technical muscle counts for 66% of your metabolism, we need to train that 66%. On top of that there are countless positive hormonal responses to strength training. Feel free to go to our blog to read more.
No, not in Lift. Instead we have a weekly focus of a specific movement, and the movements associated muscle group. All training is periodized – a big sports-science term which basically means planned – so that over a few months you methodically improve, safely.
If used in the correct way ­– and in the right segment of your training cycle – Lift will complement your programs for strength and explosive-power. If you are unsure, please consult your trainer or coach.
With participants under the age of 18 we modify the weights to ensure no damage is done to growing bones and connective tissue.
Yes. To ensure you receive the correct level of personalised attention from your Lift coach, sessions are limited to 8 people. So, once you have registered we will load you onto our free booking app. From there booking are simple and self- managed.
That’s easy! Give us a call at the club and we’ll guide you through the rest. We have an awesome risk-free start-up program that gets you trialling Lift at a super price.


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