Our original body-transformation session

With 20 years of experience we have created the ultimate high-intensity interval session, using the exercises and specific interval patterns that are scientifically proven to put your metabolism into overdrive. The result? Decreased body fat, improved body composition and toned, lean muscle.

Metabolic Reboot is a breakthrough body transformation membership that maximizes the ability of exercise to reset your metabolism – so you burn kilojoules for longer and get results faster.

Exclusive to One Fitness, the sessions are delivered within a high-tech, group-training environment, with each participant electronically monitored to perform at optimum levels for predetermined periods.

With four different session types to choose from you can customise your  training to insure you have a weekly exercise regime that sits perfectly aligned with your goals.

Grounded in the latest high-intensity interval training (HIIT) research, Metabolic Reboot combines the advanced One Fitness Myzone Heart-rate System, with three unique sessions types all run by career health and fitness professionals.

The combination of specialist trainers, monitored performance and a small group environment make Metabolic Reboot Melbourne’s most enjoyable, motivational and effective body transformation program.


Metabolic Reboot is a small group training session that uses a range of exercises performed in specific interval patterns. These exercises and intervals are structured to simulate your metabolism to burn calories for up 48 hours after the workout – thereby rebooting your metabolism.
The session or class structure is always different, but the main equipment and exercises we use are bikes, rowers, skipping ropes, barbells, kettle-bells, wall balls, medicine balls, TRX or suspension training, and bodyweight exercises – all put together for a unique class each time you train.
It is like Crossfit – and uses similar workout structures – however, it is very different in that Crossfit measures individuals by time or by the amount of repetitions completed. With Metabolic Reboot, the unique One Fitness Myzone Heart-rate Monitor System measures each individual’s exertion (or work rate). This means you only go as hard as your individual fitness levels dictate. By using this system, we can customise an individual’s exercise to match their level of fitness. In other words, we use Myzone to “make group exercise personal”.
Participants of Metabolic Reboot wear a heart rate monitor (a comfortable chest band) that transmits your heart rate, calorie burn and maximum recommended heart-rate percentage to a colour-coded, large-screen display, enabling the instructor and participants to monitor and control their individual work rate throughout the session, for maximum metabolic performance.
Yes, it is like a Boot Camp approach, but where a Boot Camp is performed outdoors using predominately bodyweight exercises, Metabolic Reboot uses a range of equipment and a custom-built room. Metabolic Reboot also uses our unique One Fitness Myzone Heart-rate Monitor System, which allows our trainers to keep you in the right ‘Reboot Zone’ to ensure you get the maximum turbo boost for your metabolism. If you’re into wind, cold, rain and terrible weather, we’re sorry, but we don’t have any of that!
If you can do basic exercises, you can do Reboot. The individual Myzone Heart-rate Monitor System ensures that the level of workout intensity will be perfectly matched to your current and specific level of fitness.
Metabolic Reboot is based on the scientific theory of Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Personal training practitioners and coaches have been using High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to promote EPOC – and achieve outstanding results – since the early 1990s. Because of the unique One Myzone Heart-rate Monitor System, we are now able to use HIIT training techniques in a group environment. The System’s ability to precisely monitor and respond to each participant’s individual’s rate of intensity throughout a session, is something that Boot Camps and Crossfit just can’t do.
Our workouts are different every time. We don’t use the acronym WOD, which we believe was, to the best of our knowledge, created by Crossfit.
Any small-group exercise program is great for team building, community and camaraderie.
If used in the correct way ¬– and in the right segment of your training cycle – Metabolic Reboot can actually complement your programs for strength, endurance and explosive power. If you are unsure, please consult your trainer or coach.
We have had members as young as 12. With participants under the age of 15, we modify the weights component of the program to ensure no damage is done to growing bones and connective tissue.


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