A program that packs a metabolic punch

Reboot Boxing is a technique-driven boxing session that uses our Metabolic Reboot intervals to smash away those kilojoules.
We know cardio can get boring, so instead of mindlessly slaving away on a cross-trainer, Reboot Box helps you learn some new skills and punch away the stresses of modern life.

Metabolic Reboot Boxing is a small group exercise session that couples the modern science of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with boxing. Our specific interval patterns are structured to simulate your metabolism so that get fit fast. You’ll also burn energy (as calories) long after the workout has finished.
Yes you can! Your Myzone belt will give your coach the necessary feedback to keep you in the exact training zone. Accurate training means you get results faster.
And it is! The difference is we use the science of HIIT to make it even more effective.
Yes! As long you do not have any major health concerns you can do Reboot Boxing.
You sure can. This is the unique aspect of all of Metabolic Reboot small group training products. Where others have no real idea of how hard you are pushing, Metabolic Reboot Boxing uses your our fitness levels and parameters as a guide. Our Myzone Monitoring System has a display on the wall that lets the trainer know exactly how hard you are working. For new people in the session – or for people who are just starting out in exercise – this is very reassuring, and makes this group boxing session very personal.
Yes, to ensure the sessions remain small and personal we require you to book ahead. Booking a session is easy via our One Fitness app; you can download for free at your App Store or if you’re an Android user at Google Play
That’s easy! Give us a call at the club on 9596 4800 and we’ll guide you through the rest. We have an awesome risk-free start-up program that gets you trialing Reboot for a super price.


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