Exercise Science

Muscle and your Metabolism

It is now known that muscle is the single biggest driver of our metabolism, accounting for a staggering 66% of the body’s metabolic action. Aside from muscle mass, the other two main influences on your metabolic processes are nutrition (12%) and exercise (17%).

To get the body you want and deserve, you must perform resistance training to build lean muscle.

Armed with this new knowledge, there has been a staggering turnaround in the way leading health and fitness professionals view exercise and its influence on body fat.

Gone are the days of low intensity cardio at 60 -75% of your max heart rate. Sure, training in this “fat burning zone” will burn fat while you train, but as soon as you stop training, your fat burning stops too.

Most people don’t have 20 spare hours a week to do it the old-fashioned way. Given the percentages mentioned above, it is smarter to train the lean muscle mass (66% of your metabolism) – and optimise your exercise and nutrition – so that you burn more calories, even at rest.

An essential part of this program is your resistance training, to build more lean muscle… to work on the largest part of the metabolic pie – the 66%. Resistance training is also vital when it comes to the promotion of key hormones. Controlling key hormones will help you control your body composition (body fat to lean muscle ratio).

A special note to women

Every day we hear women in the gym express concern that resistance training might make them look “too muscular” or “like a bodybuilder”. Please be assured that, unless you’re genetic freak, the only muscle you will notice will be lean, toned and shapely. It takes hours and hours of training at extreme intensity to gain the physique of a body builder

And one for men

The most amazing thing about resistance training, is that if you’re a man seeking that ripped sports model look, resistance training can get you there. With a little more food to feed the muscle – and a more intense training schedule – you too can be ready for the next Calvin Klein modeling job!

We like to look at it this way: Resistance training basically resets our body to how it should work, resulting in the perfect male and female physiques.



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